About us

Time Out Sports is a family owned business that is dedicated to bringing the people of Southern California, and beyond closer to their favorite sports teams and players. Our business is operated by hard-working individuals who want you, the customer to get the best deal possible. Time Out Sports is constantly doing its best to keep up with the new trends and be the first place with the hottest items. We carry all sorts of sports related things; Baseball hats, football hats, basketball hats, infant hats, kids hats, socks, sunglasses, purses, swimming trunks, athletic shorts, Men's t-shirts, Women's t-shirts, tank tops, baby pieces, bucket hats, official mini-helmets, bleacher creatures, shot glasses, coffee and freezer mugs, bobbleheads, sports cards, 20x30 inch flags, room signs, car flags and so much more. We do our best to carry various items of many teams. Thank you for shopping with Time Out Sports.


                                              Adrian Rivera

                               Time Out Sports Founder/CEO